Band Bell Ringers for 11/17-11/20

Copy the questions on your paper and answer. The answers can be found at the Band Music Facts links on the left. We will be answering questions on Thurs. for candy or squares on your Music Express card. Turn in your paper on Thursday for Bonus Points.

1. The use of the tongue and airflow to start and stop the sound of the note: (B45)

2. The movement of the tongue on the roof of the mouth or the tip of the reed: (B46)

3.The key signature with no flats or sharps: (B55)

4. How do you find the name of key signatures with 2 or more flats? (B56)

5. How do you find the name of a sharp key signature? (B57)

6. With a first and second ending, you (fill in the blank) the (fill in the blank) ending the second time through and play the (fill in the blank) ending. (B58)

7. Draw a measure repeat. (B59)

8. What is the Italian word for “finish”, it shows the end of a piece of music: (B60)

9. What is the Italian phrase for “to the head”, it tells you to go back to the beginning of the music: (B61)

10. Terms and symbols which tell how loud or soft to play: (B62)

11. Draw the symbol for very soft volume. (B63)

12. Draw the symbol for soft volume. (B64)

13. Draw the symbol for medium soft volume. (B65)

Music Facts Quiz Score Questions

14. Which class has the highest scores on the Music Facts Quizzes?

15. Which class has the lowest scores on the Music Facts Quizzes?

16. Which quiz had the highest scores?

17. Which quiz had the lowest scores?