What is a flute made of?

  • Some kind of copper or metal--Carrisha J. and Chad D.
  • Flutes are made of metal but there are some flutes made of wood.--Alondra L.
  • Metal or wood--Charles C., Jeremy L.
  • Made of wood.--Dion S.
  • Copper or wood--Dominique C.
  • Flutes are usually made of metal but sometimes you will see flutes made of wood.--Filiberto L., Shannon E.
  • Metal--John W., Benjamin Z., Cody S., Haleigh P., Tommy P., Alexis R., Chris C., Jerahmeel G., Kylan T., Travon C., Tywon J., Javier M.
  • Silver, gold or some other type of metal--Norma F., Chris H., Dakira P., Gumaro M., Selena L.
  • Silver--Omar R., Denisse C.
  • Flutes have been made from lots of materials, including wood. Today flutes are usually made from silver, gold, or some other type of metal.--Roger C., Josef M., Joshua D.
  • It is traditionally made of a silver alloy, but some flute players prefer to have part of their flute made of gold or even platinum, for superior tone.--$Milkshakes$ (TB5), Aldo V., Jayvun B., Kashai J.
  • Wood or metal or combinations of materials--Ben E., Jonathan R., Luis G.
  • 3 metal pieces--Edward W., Kevin H.
  • Sometimes wood, silver, gold, or some other type of metal--Eric P., Isaac N.
  • Steel--Sanjuana G., Megan B.
  • Silver, gold and other types of metal--Alex M., Jonathan M., Jose E., Lois M., Vu H.
  • Plastic, wood, bamboo--Christian R.
  • They are made of wood/metal/bone and ivory.--Esteban E.
  • Wood, silver and gold--Stephanie T.

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